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Welcome to the homepage of The List,

This small website was created by the Shiryon Archive Discord server. What we do is research on military equipment of Israel from all eras and preserve our armor history for other armor enthusiasts to explore. Since it wasn't done prior to us, we want to do our best to showcase our heritage and dispel myths that were circulating due to difficulties in translation.

The website is dedicated to listing all military equipment we have gathered that was used by Israeli militias such as "Haganah" before the creation of Israel, everything Israeli from 1948 to the present day, and export ventures of private companies such as Elbit, Rafael, IMI, IAI, Nimda, and more.

Other than preserving history, we, as War Thunder enthusiasts, have included information about the status of each vehicle in the game. If the vehicle is already in it, whether it was suggested by the community or not, etc. This way, people who are interested in suggesting something new will have a list to pick from, with basic information for each presented vehicle.

You can visit our main site where you can find interesting articles to read.

Choose one of three lists we have:

(curently only ground list is done, others are in works)


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